Low-cost Open Source networking


Thanks to Kirk Rheinlander for news of the Linux Terminal Server Project. According to this press release, “The LTSP package has become the standard for running thin client computers on a Linux server. It provides an ideal solution for organizations who want to provide high quality computing solutions to networked users at the lowest possible cost. LTSP software can be found in homes — providing affordable computing for all the family — through internet cafes and classrooms, right up to commercial, corporate, and public sector organizations, providing enterprise scale desktop computing.”

More from the LTSP Press Release…

“The launch of Windows XP and the imminent end of Microsoft support for Windows NT/9x is threatening many organizations with an unwanted and expensive software and hardware upgrade. LTSP v3 provides an alternative, extending the life of existing desktop PCs until they literally fall apart from old age. The tiny footprint LTSP v3 client software boots in seconds on standard PCs, and can deliver leading edge performance even on 486 PCs on the desktop. Users of previous versions of LTSP have eagerly snapped up PCs dumped on the second hand market by Microsoft users. Usage has been particularly enthusiastic in countries where IT budgets are tight — variants are available in English, German, Spanish and Indonesian.”

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