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People really do win at online casinos — and not just cash. Kevin and Eric, two online players at Kiwi Casino, recently won a one-week adventure travel package to Queenstown, New Zealand. The prize package consisted of air, hotel, and an adventure tour that included bungy jumping and jet boating.

When Kiwi Casino manager Paul Russell interviewed the winners, Kevin confessed that at first he didn’t believe he’d won anything. Eric added, “I couldn’t believe it. It just didn’t sound real.

“I was sure there were going to be some strings attached … but there weren’t. I didn’t actually believe I was going until I got on the flight leaving L.A.”

But as reality sank in, Kevin and Eric became excited about visiting a new country. And they didn’t just admire the scenery; Kevin and Eric also checked out the land casinos. Eric managed to win NZ$600 by the end of the trip, but he also had a bit of bad luck at roulette.

Eric decided to imitate a Japanese tourist next to him at the roulette table, and covered all the numbers – but he accidentally missed the 13. Kevin gleefully recalled that after the dealer called “No more bets,” Eric realized his mistake and shouted in dismay “Thirteen’s not covered!!!”

And guess where the ball landed about 10 seconds later? That’s right, number 13. Says Kevin, “The look on Eric’s face was absolutely priceless!”

New Zealand made such an impression on the players that they’re already planning to return for a longer holiday with their families, in spite of the loss at the roulette table. “It’s amazing!” enthused Eric. “It’s so beautiful here! There’s been something new to do every day. I’ve already talked to my family about possibly coming back for Christmas so we could enjoy the nice summer weather at a beach resort!”

Cyber Gambling Tip: Deciding Whether to Download

Are you one of the many new online Judi Bola Online casino players who are unable to make up their minds whether to gamble using server-based software or downloadable applications? If so, I’m here to help you make up your mind.

The client/server debate isn’t quite up there with Coke vs. Pepsi, boxers vs. briefs, or Maryanne vs. Ginger dilemmas, but it’s quite a popular discussion among the ranks of online gamblers nonetheless. And it has yet to be answered definitively.

Nor will it be answered definitively by this article.

Online casino games have come a long way in a short period of time, and at this point neither server-based software (games that are stored on the casino’s computers and are usually played using a Web browser such as Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator) nor downloadable software (games that you play using proprietary software that you need to install on your hard drive) stands out as the hands-down winner.

The reason why is because it’s a matter of personal preference. Those who want sleek games that play quickly and who don’t mind downloading and installing large stand-alone software applications opt for the downloadable games. Those who aren’t as interested in bells and whistles and who don’t feel like weighing down their machines with more software are better off playing server-based games (which are usually available through Java or Flash interfaces).

But for those who aren’t sure what they want, one clear choice stands out: server-based games. The reason is simple. If you register at a server-side casino and aren’t happy with it, you’ve only wasted about five minutes of your time.

Going the other route takes a bit more of a commitment. While server-side games are accessible virtually immediately, client-based games require you to go through the downloading and installation processes. Then when you want to get rid of the software, you’ve got to perform an uninstall and rid your computer of miscellaneous directories left behind.

None of this is necessary to play server-side games, which are in tune to the plug-and-play mentality of computer usage today.

Hopefully, this has helped to clarify the the great client/server casino debate. As for the other three dilemmas, you’re on your own.

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