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Irish Based Gaming Site www.easinumbers.com announces the launch of a new 90 second game ‘Easiballs’


Introduced last November, easinumbers.com, the first worldwide lotteries entertainment website, has now gone a step further to embrace technology with the launch today of easiballs, a radical new online numbers game. This new game is set to enhance easinumbers.com’s status as the best possible numbers based betting website.


easiballs is a game that takes place every 90 seconds. The easiballs draw is similar to a lottery draw, with 6 balls drawn from a total of 42. Players can choose the type of bet, be it nominate individual numbers, pick colours of balls to be drawn or predict the total value of balls drawn and place their stake. Within 90 seconds they know whether or not they have won. All winners are notified by an on screen message.


The maximum pay out per individual is $250,000.


easiballs is the latest addition to the easinumbers.com site and the promoters expect it to bring a new type of player to the site. Speaking at the launch of easiballs, Terry Rogers said: “easiballs is for anyone who has a few minutes to spare and wants to try their luck. We expect our existing clients will really enjoy playing easiballs and for those who have yet to bet with easinumbers.com, easiballs is a great way for them to view what the site has to offer at a glance.”


Background information on easinumbers.com


easinumbers.com is the first website to offer betting on worldwide lottery draws. With a minimum bet of just $1, players can select from 45 lotteries throughout Europe, the USA and the Asia-Pacific Rim. With easinumbers.com each player can win up to a maximum of $250,000.


Licensed to Irish bookmaker Terry Rogers, easinumbers.com has exceeded all expectations for the first three months of operation. After an initial investment of $2.4 million, easinumbers.com has recruited over 6,000 clients and has begun to establish the brand in the global market place. Particular success is evident in the Irish, Danish and Asian markets with over 70% of the client base originating in these countries.


The people behind easinumbers.com are:


Terry Rogers

The licensed holder, Terry Rogers is a third generation bookmaker and started his career working with his grandfather, father and uncle in 1974. He was one of Ireland’s youngest licensed bookmakers at 21 and was the first bookmaker to offer credit card tele-betting. Terry Rogers operates one of Ireland’s largest telebetting centres with head offices in Dublin.


Brian O’Farrell

Brian O’Farrell is well known within the betting industry both in Ireland and in Europe. Brian is the administrator of the Irish Independent Betting Offices Association, while also being the representative in Europe for both Irish and UK independent bookmakers. He is a graduate of Law from National University of Ireland.


Louise McKeown

Louise is the Marketing Director for easinumbers.com. She is responsible for building the profile of the website worldwide and developing the sub-vendor slot online terpercaya  partner programme. Louise has extensive experience in the internet, technology and gaming sector and is a graduate of the Marketing Institute of Ireland.




Richard Jacques’ score highlights growing trend of movie production values for orchestral music in videogames.


The Amuze/Sega developed title Headhunter™ features what has been described as one of the most ambitious game soundtracks produced to date, utilizing an orchestra and a recording studio often used for feature film soundtracks. The forthcoming PS2 title features music composed, arranged, orchestrated and produced by Richard Jacques and recorded at Abbey Road Studios in London, England.


Composer Richard Jacques secured a budget for the 67-piece London Session Orchestra performing the Headhunter™ soundtrack, assembled especially for the project, and made up of some of the finest session musicians in Europe. Each member of the orchestra has either held a principal seat in one of the major London orchestras, or has enjoyed a successful soloist career on the concert platform. The orchestra’s long list of credits include the film soundtracks to The World Is Not Enough and The Mummy.


The soundtrack was recorded at Abbey Road Studios in January 2001. Since its conception in the 1920s and subsequent opening in 1931, Abbey Road has been at the forefront of the recording industry. Over the years it has attracted artists, producers and engineers of the highest calibre, The Beatles making it a household name. Studio 1, the venue for the recording of Richard Jacques’ Headhunter™ soundtrack, is one of the largest purpose-built symphonic recording studios around and it has some of the best symphonic acoustics in the world.


“It makes a huge difference to record somewhere like Abbey Road”, says Jacques. “This studio has a very symphonic sounding hall, and although we researched acoustics in other studios, this was the best facility for the material to be recorded in. Would The Phantom Menace have been recorded anywhere else?”


The score is as thematic as it is incidental, providing key moments with action, suspense, and emotion. From the bold French horn motif that makes up “Jack’s Theme”, to the delicate oboe and string setting of Angela’s theme, the soundtrack provides the gamer with an emotive experience and a sense of familiarity, identifying specific characters and settings through the score.


Headhunter™ (PS2) is published in North America by Acclaim Entertainment, Inc. in spring 2002.


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