From The Register…
A French man has won a lawsuit against computer maker Acer over a laptop he bought that came pre-loaded with Microsoft’s Windows XP and other applications he didn’t want.
Antoine Gutzwiller disputed the fact that he had no choice but to buy the €599 Acer notebook with the ubiquitous operating system and software products […]

According to the Daily Telegraph,
It took took five years and $6bn (£3bn) to develop, but Microsoft’s Vista operating system, which was launched early this year, has been shunned by consumers – with computer manufacturers taking the bizarre step of offering downgrades to the old XP version of Windows.
Microsoft founder Bill Gates speaking during the press […]

SAN JOSE, Calif. - Two years after announcing a somewhat vague software-distribution partnership, Google Inc. and Sun Microsystems Inc. have clarified their tactics for jointly attacking Microsoft Corp. and its ubiquitous Office software.
Over the weekend, Google quietly began including Sun’s StarOffice suite of word processing, spreadsheets and other workplace-oriented programs for free as part of […]

Interesting snippet of personal history…

Thing went good till I was browsing the net and was greeted by message Windows is shutting down, Save all your files …
This happened several times whenever I accessed the net and realising that it was a virus, I quickly installed Norton 2003. But Norton did not detect the virus and […]

Very perceptive blog post.  Excerpt:

Just the other day I conducted a survey among my friends about the genuine status of their Operating System. And the result of the survey was:

Genuine Windows 9%
Pirated Windows 89%
Linux/Mac 1%

This did not come a surprise to me as I live in India, here pirated software rules […]

Before you submit articles to scientific journals, it might be worth having a look at this from Rob Weir…
It appears that Science, the journal of the America Association for the Advancement of Science, itself the largest scientific society in the world, has updated its authoring guidelines to include advice for Office 2007 users. The news […]

Apple Mac users might be interested in this:

Mac users waiting for a native version of might see it sooner than they might have thought, now that Sun has thrown its support behind the project.Sun’s Philipp Lohmann announced on his blog this morning that Sun will help with the port of OpenOffice–the open-source version of […]

Dell chooses Ubuntu

From BBC Online News…
Computer maker Dell has chosen Ubuntu as the operating system for its range of Linux computers for consumers.
Fans of Linux hope that the move will persuade more mainstream PC users to abandon Microsoft Windows and opt for the open-source operating system.
London-based firm Canonical, the lead sponsor of the Ubuntu project, will ensure […]

Announcing the LWM Wiki

I’ve been beavering away on WikiSpaces putting together a wiki for resources on how people can get away from using Microsoft’s products. This can become a seriously useful resource for people wanting to find decent alternatives.
You can find it at If you’ve got anything to add (and why wouldn’t you?), then go for it!

Andrew Brown has an interesting piece in the Guardian…
It seems a terrible shame to throw away perfectly good old computers just because they won’t run a modern version of Windows. What we need is a Granny Linux, something that is safe from both malice at one end of the modem cable and bafflement at the […]