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There have been lots of interesting complaints recently from users of Microsoft and Apple operating systems about the latest releases of these systems. The nicest take on the Vista problem is this satirical review which treats Windows XP as an ‘upgrade’ to Vista. “I have finally decided to take the plunge”, it begins. […]

Interesting snippet of personal history…

Thing went good till I was browsing the net and was greeted by message Windows is shutting down, Save all your files …
This happened several times whenever I accessed the net and realising that it was a virus, I quickly installed Norton 2003. But Norton did not detect the virus and […]

Dell chooses Ubuntu

From BBC Online News…
Computer maker Dell has chosen Ubuntu as the operating system for its range of Linux computers for consumers.
Fans of Linux hope that the move will persuade more mainstream PC users to abandon Microsoft Windows and opt for the open-source operating system.
London-based firm Canonical, the lead sponsor of the Ubuntu project, will ensure […]

Andrew Brown has an interesting piece in the Guardian…
It seems a terrible shame to throw away perfectly good old computers just because they won’t run a modern version of Windows. What we need is a Granny Linux, something that is safe from both malice at one end of the modem cable and bafflement at the […]

Wifi Hardware Compatibility

Peter Sheltrum writes:
I am using what I think is a very standard system with three machines networked over WiFi using all Netgear equipment.
The desktops are fitted with USB WiFi cards.
I have been unable to find a version of Linux that will load and go on one of these desktops. All load and go as […]