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PDF in MS Office

From Microsoft Monitor (an excellent blog covering the Redmond giant’s activities):
There is going to be quite a bit to blog about today, with respect to Microsoft. First up, Wall Street Journal reports that closed-door discussions have broken down between Adobe and Microsoft over PDF. Microsoft had planned to incorporate PDF in Office 2007. I haven’t […]

Desktop publishing packages are a big help when you want to produce a document that is a little too complicated for a word processing package. A newsletter, or school newspaper, for example. Maybe a poster. Anything which mixes your text with a large amount of graphical content is bound to be better handled in a […]

Over on the Office Evolution blog, Marc Orchant writes about a very interesting office package, ThinkFree Office. Orchant points out what makes ThinkFree different:
ThinkFree’s strategy differs from pure-play online offerings. They offer three different local versions of their software that work in concert with the online version of their suite which provides word processing, spreadsheet, […]

We’ve been putting in some work behind the scenes to make the site more useful for visitors.
One of the issues that has come to light is that people would like a place to put forward queries, questions and cries for help; as well as an area to share best practice and other tips.
So, we have […]

Browser Comparison

If you want to see what the various web browsers have to offer, why not check out the list on Wikipedia?
There is masses of information on there, giving you a chance to make a really informed choice.

LWM Guide

A new feature has been added to the site, namely Living Without Microsoft: A Guide for Windows Users. This will be the first of many, offering more in depth articles for those wishing to make the switch from Microsoft software.
If you have any comments or additions for the article, leave them in the comments here!

The AJAX Office

ajaxLaunch is a site notifying us all about the latest releases in the range of online office applications which are the brainchild of Michael Robertson, the chap who brought us all Linspire - a Windows-user friendly linux distro.
So far we have had ajaxWrite, a word-processor; ajaxSketch a drawing package aimed at diagramming and flow […]

Sorry, Dave, we were a bit slow in posting this one…
BBC NEWS | Technology | Countdown for nasty Windows virus
Like many recent viruses, Nyxem tries to spread by making people open attachments on e-mail messages that are infected with the destructive code.
The subject lines and body text of the various messages Nyxem uses vary, but […]

Dave Briggs points out that it’s increasingly irrelevant what operating system you run on the desktop, as long as you have a good web browser…
You would have thought that working without desktop applications would be pretty tricky. But there are now a growing number of online tools which can help you get things done online […]


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